Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yarn Harlot, attempt #2

DH ruined my last attempt at this-damn it I was funny last time and I don't know if I can repeat it. I'll try to do it again, verbatim.

The YH will be in Dallas on May 29th at 7:30pm at some bookstore. I may lose my job or go to jail for a massive speeding ticket, but by god I will be there (it's a 3 hr drive). Anyone who has ever read my blog should have realized by now that I am a worrier. I am really good at it. So, I'm going to list my current causes for concern (assuming I remember them-damn it DH!). Several also apply to the fact that I am meeting not 1, but 2 nesties within the next week as well. They are as follows:

1. I'm really nervous about meeting her.
2. I stutter when I'm nervous.
3. When nervous, I tend to say things that only make sense to me or the only 2 people in the world who have been confirmed to speak Laura (DH and bff Liz).
4. I really like the YH, but I do not want to come off as stalkerish. See items #1-3 as to why I think this might happen.
5. From reading her blog archives (I'm up to august 2005 now), it appears that most people bring their knitting to show her (almost always socks). Is it always her pattern? What if I bring one that's not her pattern? Is that insulting? Guess I'll be casting on a sock on vacation.
6. I have had nightmares about not getting there in time. From the fuss on ravelry, there will be many people there.

This is as far as I got when dh called me. After typing it twice, I cant remember my other reasons. I'm sure they'll come to me.

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