Sunday, May 13, 2012

Color Affection Update

I've been working on the color affection when I have time. I just finished the short row section last night. I counted the stitches and was very happy to get the correct stitch count. Just an FYI-the short rows section does not go all the way to the end of the shawl. I thought maybe I was a pattern repeat off or something, and expected my stitch count to be off. But everything is hunky dory.

Here it was a couple of weeks ago:

And here it is today:

I wanted to start another and get it to the short rows section for the ravelympics WIPs event, but there's no way that I'll have time for that. You have to stop working on WIPs on June 1 in order for them to count. I think I'll probably do 30 squares on my sock yarn blanket.