Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not a good day so far

Today we are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary (it's actually the 29th). I had a cast-on class this morning (which DH knew about for at least a week and I left it early because I got very dizzy). Last week we made plans to go to the IMAX theatre in Tulsa to watch nature under the sea after my class. DH has been grumpy since we left, so I asked him what the problem was. He said he had a whole day planned out for us, starting at 9am. So, I'm either a terrible wife for going to the class or he's an ass for never saying a word about morning plans and for making me cry. We're at the theatre now, but I just want to go home. It's been a craptastic anniversary so far.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Aright, I'm in a better mood now.

Doing an experiment and having it work will usually improve one's mood. I repeated  yesterday's experiment with real samples, and it worked. I did samples that had been done previously to see if I got the same results. The results are identical, even with a kit that's been expired for 4 months. Go me!

Oh, and FYI: Yesterday, my protocol said I had to use sodium hypochlorite in a vacuum flask to dispose of the waste. I looked through all of the chemicals in the lab, and didn't find it. I was worried that I might not be able to do my experiment because I couldn't properly dispose of the waste. After searching the websites of chemical companies, I was only getting more confused. One of my nice co-workers decided to use wikipedia to find synonyms for the name. Wanna know what it is? Bleach. Sodium hypochlorite=bleach. I lol'd at myself.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

holy crap its been almost a week

since my last post. Oh well. I started a new post last night, but I couldn't formulate the words to say what I wanted to (although I can in my head while I'm trying to go to sleep or driving-both times where I can't post).

Anyway, today was a good day. I started an experiment that a former lab manager had screwed up royally over the summer. I was only allowed to do a test strip because a) the kits expired in Oct and b) the bosses wanted me to prove that I am capable. The control strip worked beautifully and now I have to design an experiment repeating samples done when the lab was in MN to see if I get the same results. I'm happy to be working at the bench again, but I'm wary of the asshat. He told me that I did a really good job today, but he's known to flip-flop on that attitude quickly and almost without warning. So, we'll see how long I stay in his favor this time.

On the knitting front, I finished the bumblebee hat, and its the right size.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I got cable

Last week, I got cable. We were concerned that we would lose all source of entertainment with the digital switchover (that didn't happen btw), so we got cable. I already have a few favorite channels: TLC (all those darn baby shows), Animal Planet (all those darn cute animals), MSNBC (I love lockup and cops), etc etc. Wanna know what my favorite channel is? TV land. It makes me all nostalgic. When I was a kid at my nana's house, I would watch TV land. I loved the Andy Griffith Show, I Dream of Genie, and Mr, Ed. I'm not sure if these shows were on TV land or on regular TV, but I love these too: Little House on the Prairie, Murder She Wrote, and Matlock. Oh, and Inspector Gadget! I would sit on my couch with my grandpa and watch it. He was a doctor, but he always took time out of his busy schedule to watch that show with me every day. Sigh, I miss those days.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Finished a baby hat!

I made a newborn bumble bee hat with Berroco Comfort yarn. I had intended to give it to a former co-worker (due in March), but the hat is too small for a newborn. Luckily, I have a friend whose cousin recently gave birth at 30 weeks. So, I'm going to give it to her, and make another one with bigger needles.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I have 2 tattoos...

I don't think I've ever AW'd my other tattoo. In fact, when I had DH take a picture of it yesterday, I can honestly say I haven't seen it in at least a year. Its kinda hard to see your back, kwim? Anyway, someone had asked me what it looked like, so here's the other one:


WE ARE DONE ALIQUOTING!!!!! holy fucking shit damn OMG I'm deliriously happy the nightmare is over OMG yay!

I'm going to go have a mental breakdown now, be back later.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I think my tattoo is going to need touching up. I know he put white in it, and I can't see it at all. There are a few spots that look like they're raw. I know its going to scab, and that they will come off. I just hope there's color underneath them. I don't remember having this much trouble with my tramp stamp. Maybe its the location? I'm trying not to freak out any more, just to let it heal and see what it looks like afterwards. Sigh. At least it doesn't really hurt anymore; its starting to get itchy now.

We have a 3 day weekend because of President's day, but because of that stupid pipetting experiment, I worked yesterday and will work tomorrow. I get next Friday off because of working yesterday-I don't know if they'll give me another day off because I'm working tomorrow. I doubt it-they'll probably just have me add it to my extra hours worked spreadsheet and I'll take it off some other time. We're supposed to ship off the samples Tuesday and this nightmare will finally be over.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A tad bit swelled...

Now that my panic over the potential damage to my tattoo has passed, I would like to point out something a tad bit entertaining/interesting. Do my feet look different to you lol? I simply can't imagine why one would be bigger than the other....oh wait. It might be because I stabbed one of them a million times with a needle. Just in case you can't tell, my normal foot is the one on the right lol. Keep in mind it the fat one is still smaller than it was last night.

Not sure

I'm worried that I may have damaged my tattoo. Its oozing ink, and some of the lines are not as clean as they were before. Its very gooey. My co-workers think its ok, but I probably won't be convinced until it heals lol. I called the tattoo shop and they said to put breathable non-stick gauze over it while I'm at work, and then to let it breathe when I get home. She said its probably ok. If it doesn't look better tomorrow, I'm going to go to the tattoo shop and show it to them and see what they say. I really really don't want to have to have it touched up. I've passed my pain threshold for the next few months lol.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Um, so I got a tattoo tonight...

Yup. I got a tattoo on the top of my foot tonight. Its a blue ball of yarn with 2 knitting needles sticking out. It hurts like a sonofabitch lol. I am quite proud to say that I did not cry during the entire thing, although I had a death grip on the chair. The tattoo guy was incredibly nice too. If you live in OKC, go to Mystical Illusions and ask for Bobby. He's great.

I can't take the bandage off for another 30 minutes or so, but I'll take a pic when I do and post it. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The socks saga

So I've been knitting ankle socks with sock yarn. This is my first time to ever knit with sock yarn. Here is what I have so far:

Now here's the bad part. Here's the other side of the sock:
You see that gap in the stitches? Its a bad thing. It means something is wrong with either the way I picked up the instep stitches or with the heel flap itself, or both. I was going to frog (rip out) until I got back past the heel flap, but I think I might have to frog the whole thing. I'm not very good at frogging-I never get the stitches back on the needles in the right direction. So, goodbye dear sock. I'll recreate you, I promise.