Sunday, February 15, 2009

I think my tattoo is going to need touching up. I know he put white in it, and I can't see it at all. There are a few spots that look like they're raw. I know its going to scab, and that they will come off. I just hope there's color underneath them. I don't remember having this much trouble with my tramp stamp. Maybe its the location? I'm trying not to freak out any more, just to let it heal and see what it looks like afterwards. Sigh. At least it doesn't really hurt anymore; its starting to get itchy now.

We have a 3 day weekend because of President's day, but because of that stupid pipetting experiment, I worked yesterday and will work tomorrow. I get next Friday off because of working yesterday-I don't know if they'll give me another day off because I'm working tomorrow. I doubt it-they'll probably just have me add it to my extra hours worked spreadsheet and I'll take it off some other time. We're supposed to ship off the samples Tuesday and this nightmare will finally be over.

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LucyAnnie said...

I love your tat! Its super cute!