Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not sure

I'm worried that I may have damaged my tattoo. Its oozing ink, and some of the lines are not as clean as they were before. Its very gooey. My co-workers think its ok, but I probably won't be convinced until it heals lol. I called the tattoo shop and they said to put breathable non-stick gauze over it while I'm at work, and then to let it breathe when I get home. She said its probably ok. If it doesn't look better tomorrow, I'm going to go to the tattoo shop and show it to them and see what they say. I really really don't want to have to have it touched up. I've passed my pain threshold for the next few months lol.


Elaine said...

Good luck! I honestly can't remember if that happened with either of my tattoos. It may have. But right now, I'm luck if I can remember what happened yesterday.

biomaj5 said...

lol @ pg brain! My foot looks a lot better after i put the gauze on it. Whew!