Monday, October 24, 2011

I have a good excuse...

...for why I haven't blogged in almost 4 months. Do you want to see? I present to you my life for the last 4 months, in a series of photos.

First I saw Maylene and the Sons of Disaster in OKC at the Conservatory. This is my lifegroup leader Vern, the lead singer of MATSOD Dallas, and Eva from

I go to the northwest OKC campus of, and I help out at the hospitality area. We do a series called At The Movies every July, and sometimes the pressure gets to us and we have to goof off:

We decorated our campus in a Tron theme. Please note that I barely made it through the original movie and didn't bother with the second.

My lifegroup leader does a top 40 countdown show for Sometimes we go hang out with him at the station. Did I mention that I needed to be a princess in order to be brave enough to talk on the air?

This was the summer of concerts for me, and on Aug 13 I saw Switchfoot at Frontier City:

Next up was a Beckah Shae concert. This is my lifegroup and Beckah Shae. We really need to find someone who knows how to focus an iphone camera.

Then Labor Day weekend rolled around, and as always I went to the Choctaw Labor Day Festival. This year the Sunday headliner was Third Day. I sat in my seat for 8 hours to get front row seats. I could have sat for far less time, but I was also avoiding my in-laws. Multitasking for the win.

Oh, and did I mention that I got a pic with Mac Powell? I did.

Less than a week after we got home, I was driving home one night and a very nicely intoxicated idiot who was driving without a license while on a suspended sentence for robbery decided to fail to yield on green at an intersection. I broke my car and he went to jail. It was 3 weeks before I got my car back.

So Icon For Hire is my favorite band. I listened to their cd exclusively on repeat for a full 2 weeks after it came out in August. When I heard that they were playing in Shawnee on Sept 13, I freaked out. It was pretty much the best concert ever. It was poorly promoted, and only ~20 people showed up. I was right in front of the stage and pretty much got a personal concert. It.was.awesome.

Then I decided that the time had come for my next tattoo. Here is the before pic:


The finished product:

I have been knitting a little bit. I've been doing a whole lot of band research for my lifegroup leader, so I've spent most of my free time putting together spreadsheets and band contact info. Because of that, my knitting output has been a tad bit scant. But here is the first sock of my skull socks. If you remember, I had to frog the whole sock because it was too tight. I started over using US3 dpns:

Here is my Hitchhiker scarf out of my only skein of WM:
It's a tad bit longer than that now.

There were more concerts this weekend. This time, I went with a mission: to interview the lead singers of the bands to ask them specific questions about Christian bands and their message. First up was a fantastic band called Fight The Fade. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of them, but trust me, they are awesome. The headliner was Spoken:

Saturday's lineup was Blood and Water, Nine Lashes, and I Am Empire. This concert was so poorly promoted that it was a joke. Only 3 people showed up, and all of them were with me! Never schedule a concert on a OU football night in a small town.
Blood and Water:

Nine Lashes:

And, I Am Empire:

I got to interview the lead singers for all 5 bands! It was so exciting! Now I still need to transcribe the interviews, along with about a dozen other tasks for my lifegroup leader. So now you know why I haven't knit much, or blogged much, or plurked much... etc etc.