Monday, May 18, 2009

On the road again

We're on the PA turnpike on the way to Elizabethtown, where my friend Sarah lives. I think we'll get there around 10pm. We were seriously freaked out when we had to take a ticket to get onto the turnpike-in OK you pay to get on and off (you get an actual ticket that you have to mail to the turnpike authority if you run the tollbooth). We kept looking for a person to pay lol. We took the ticket, called my mom, and she informed us that you pay to get off. Crisis averted.

We went to the zoo to kill some time today. I have some hilarious pics to share whenever I get the photos uploaded to my computer.

I ate dinner with Bexie in Pittsburgh. She is very nice and we had a lovely time. We are amazed that so many of the houses are on/in the hills here, and that there are so many bridges. DH wasn't 100% thrilled with Pittsburgh, so if we ever decide to move here (and we have discussed it prior to this trip), it likely won't be in a big city.

I need to figure out what to knit on now. I worked on the skirt last nite, but I don't want to keep up with the chart while in the car. ::taps chin:: I'll have to think on this for a while.

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