Sunday, May 17, 2009

We've made it to Pittsburgh

Ok, so here are a few pics in roughly chronological order (I hope). We spent the majority of yesterday and today in the car, I was knitting like a psycho for part of that time, so I didn't get too many pics. I also don't really remember what cities we went through. But here's what I got:

These are Fred's socks. I finished the first one last Tuesday-ish. I STARTED the second one at 8am in the car yesterday, and finished it with a little over an hour to spare before meeting the truly awesome Fred and her DH last night. Please forgive the very bright pic-I had to take it in the car.

This is a pic of a mountain (hill?) in Kentucky. All of a sudden, it went from clear to foggy. I thought it was pretty, so I photographed it (and the power lines apparently).

I want to say this is Cincinnatti, but I honestly don't remember what city it is. Could be Louisville. If you recognize it, throw me a reminder in the comments.
This is in Ohio, but I don't remember the city. I wanna say I saw a stadium with cardinals on it, but I thought the cardinals play in St. Louis, and I know we didn't go to Missouri. I'm a failure at documenting our traveling. But hey, I'm so tired my eyes are barely open right now.

My major accomplishment of the day was the completion of the second mitten. Ta-daa! I'm so glad to be done with them. I really hope my friend Sarah likes them. I'm freaking proud of them.


Elaine said...

The picture with the blue and white building may have been in Louisville, KY. University of Louisville's mascot is the cardinal. I have no clue about the skyline of the other city. I'm glad you guys are having a great trip!

aLLie said...

loooooove the knitting :P

biomaj5 said...

Ha! The blue and white building is in Cincinnati. That also explains the cardinal-the Cincinnati reds are there.