Friday, May 1, 2009

Probably done with the dentist for now

My next dentist appt is in the neighborhood of Nov. 5th for a cleaning. She's going to check the tooth that might need the root canal (we'll call that tooth bob) to see if it does need one. I am still having pain in the front teeth and Bob, and she said if it hasn't gone away in 2 weeks I need to stop by and see her. We didn't talk about the wisdom teeth, but they might come out this summer if  I have time.

One of my coworkers had his appointment right after mine (I think he was afraid to go alone lol-we rode together from work to the dentist). The dentist assistant had to clean up my chair because she had another appt after me, so I ended up doing the suction for the coworker while Lida cleaned his teeth. In 5 short weeks I have gone from terrified of Lida to assisting her. I find that really hilarious.

Final tally: 11 fillings, 1 potential future root canal, and a future eviction notice for the wisdom teeth.


GnomeSweetGnome said...

What, your dentist didn't let him suction his own mouth?? Mine made me (and DH) yesterday. It was weird. :-p Also, I love your blog background! I never read blogs outside of my Google Reader except when I comment, but it's awesome!

biomaj5 said...

Thanks! I just changed it about 10 minutes before you commented. :)