Sunday, May 3, 2009

Introducing George

I've had my cat George since ~Sept. 2007. I had moved into a duplex, and the previous tenants had been feeding a cute half-way grown orange cat. My duplex had a no pet rule, but that didn't stop me from taking him in and keeping him (always paying rent on-time, if not a day early, helped I'm sure). We had him neutered and named him George. Fast foward to my moving to the city. George did not like living in the apt, so I took him to my mom's house where he could go in and out as he pleased. My mom is in the process of moving, and George is now an inside cat (I don't think he realizes there is an outside to go to lol).

George is a very loving, moldable cat. He doesn't care how you hold him, as long as you do. Here he is yesterday, telling me how much he missed me (please forgive the blurry iPhone pic):


Elaine said...

I love George! He looks like a big love-a-muffin.

Bexie said...

ohmuhgoodness, I just want to snuggle up next to him! *snuggles*