Monday, March 1, 2010

Ravelympics: Day 17

I didn't finish in time, but I tried my hardest. All I lack from finishing is a 2" ribbing border that goes all the way around; however, the thought of picking up 524 sts was enough to make me throw in the towel (with only an hour left until the deadline).

I'm happy with it, although I think it is a bit too big. I think it will work ok though for layers.

Please ignore the fact that it looks like I have a headless body. My face was in no shape to be photographed today lol.


DragonSpice said...

I've said this on MaC and Ravelry, but I really think you did an amazing job on that! It looks fantastic :D

Bexie said...

I can't believe you're all "I failed because I didn't complete my little project".... YOU KNITTED 95% OF AN ENTIRE SWEATER IN 17 DAYS. Do you know how many people have never even TRIED to knit a FREAKIN SWEATER?! You're awesome! And it looks pretty good too :)

adoptionoption said...

It looks AWESOME! i really hope you just take a SHORT break and finish it SOON because it deserves to be worn :).