Thursday, March 18, 2010

If I say I'll never knit something, chances are I will.

I said I'd never knit a shawl. I said I'd never make a sweater. I said that the clapotis is dumb and not for me. What have I done? I have a girasole, a blackberry cabled cardigan, and now, a clapotis.

I finally found a use for my malabrigo lace. This poor yarn has been knit into an ill-fated skirt (frogged), a featherweight cardigan (frogged), and now a scarf (still going strong). The trick with the clapotis is that you intentionally drop stitches so that it has cute gaps. The malabrigo gives it a very light, airy feel. I think it will be dainty enough to work well for professional wear if I get into grad school.


Bexie said...

I had to google "clapotis" but I think that will look really neat! I agree with you, it would be good professional wear. Not like grad students ever look professional though... zing! Lol :)

DragonSpice said...

I had to Google it too :-/ It is like a scarf/shawl/shrug, right?

It's looking really good so far :) I love the color of the yarn you're using.