Sunday, March 14, 2010

That's one item off of the list!

I've finished my sweater! I think it's a little bit big while wearing it, but in the picture it doesn't look that bad. Maybe it's ok. It still needs to be blocked to get the collar to lay correctly. I also get to cross #4 off of my new year's resolutions list.I learned several things while knitting this sweater.
  1. I can successfully drop a section of the back down 32 rows to fix a mistake, but I should have done it when I only had to go down 7 rows.
  2. I made a button hole for the first time.
  3. It might have been possible to finish it during the ravelympics if I had learned lesson #1 a bit sooner.
  4. I just finished my first sweater! (Not to be confused with my first sweater I've knit, which is my CPH and only lacks putting the sleeves on)
In totally non-knitting-related news, I got an interview for grad school. I've applied to a genetic counseling master's program, and my interview is April 2. My knitting might slow down a bit because I want to brush up on genetics stuff before the interview. :) One hurdle down! Now I just have to avoid making an idiot of myself in the interview and maybe I'll have a decent chance of getting in.


DragonSpice said...

It looks like it fits you really well :) In the picture it does anyway. I think it looks great!

I'm sure you'll do really well in your interview!

Elaine said...

That sweater looks great on you! And I know you'll do great on your interview!

Bexie said...

I love it! I think sweaters are always more comfy when they're a little big. When do you start making mine? :- P

Anonymous said...

It's super cute!!! I love the color! bravo! love MEP