Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Found something bright and shiny to distract me

I've bought the yarn to CO this pretty pretty distraction: Elefante. I've got a cute light pink for the body, a darker pink for the ears, and a chocolate brown for the end of the trunk and feet (its all berroco comfort by the way). Adorable, no? I've been effectively distracted.

Oh, and here's the sock progress after SnB tonight:

One thing I'd like to note. This is Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Pool. Numerous people have told me that they've never had a problem with this yarn bleeding before, yet it has turned my needles greenish blue and leaves marks on my fingers after I've only knit a few rows. I have messaged Madelinetosh and asked for advice on how to stop this; I'll let you know what she says (you know, in case something like this happens to you). 

I'm going to go cast on an elefante.


adoptionoption said...

Your sock rocks! And i wonder if i know who the elephante is for... How sweet is that?

biomaj5 said...

Well, I guess I can tell you who its for, as long as you don't tell Daisy! ;)

Bexie said...

OMG that elephante is SO stinkin' cute! And, you know, the sock isn't bad either ;)