Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I finished the first of the sunrise socks (link is to wendy's downloads page). I learned how important it is to make sure you leave enough tail when you cut that yarn-I had about 8 stitches left to bind off (I used wendy's sewn bind-off) and about an inch of yarn. I ended up tightening up the tail yarn all the way around the sock in order to gain an extra 2 inches of yarn so that I could finish. I am not pleased with the ribbing on the cuff; I might rip it out and redo it. The sock is sized a bit big too-I've recently read on Ravelry that Wendy advises going a size down. I knitted the small, so I guess I should have used size 3 needles instead of the 4s that I got gauge with. 

I'm proud of my first toe-up sock, and love the color. That's not going to stop me from giving in to second sock syndrome though. I've signed up for the Socks from the Toe-Up KAL on Ravelry, and it started yesterday. I'm going to use the Madelinetosh Tosh sock below to knit Wendy's Lacy Ribs socks (link goes to the Ravelry page-the pattern is in her new book Socks from the Toe-Up). I'm really tired, so I'll CO tomorrow on my lunch break.

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