Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ye olde teethy pegs

In keeping with my I'm-going-to-focus-on-everything-but-TTC plan, let's talk about my teeth again. About every 6 months or so my wisdom teeth act up. They're all below the gums. The gums will get red/inflamed, I'll start running a fever, my face will start to swell a bit, and I'll be living on Tylenol or Advil for the week or so that it lasts. I'm not sure if its ironic or convenient that they are acting up again when I have a dentist appointment on Saturday. Right now, its just the lower right one that hurts. It usually starts gradually-by Thursday all 4 will likely be angry and I'll be a tad bit grumpy.

I'm sure this will lead to another conversation with the dentist about taking them out. If all 4 weren't impacted, I'd have her do it (it did take me 11 yrs to find a dentist I like after all); however, she can only do nitrous, so she's probably going to send me elsewhere. I predict early June.

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