Thursday, April 9, 2009

I know you'll laugh at this

but lunch today was the first thing I've eaten in 24 hours. First off, the dentist told me I could eat about an hour after she was finished. However, every freaking tooth in my head hurt, so I didn't want to eat. Today, I wasn't that hungry. Annnnnd (this might be the funny part), my teeth are so nice and clean that I didn't want to mess it up. I ate soup for lunch today.


Bexie said...

I'm totally the same way! I always hate eating the first time after my teeth have been cleaned, even chewing gum or a breath mint. If you get an electric toothbrush though, seriously even the $20 ones, your teeth ALWAYS feel super nice like that. And of course, if you floss every day, your cleanings won't hurt *wink wink*. Seriously, those Reach flosser things make it so easy, you can floss with one hand and don't have a mouth full of fingers. (I'm only slightly obsessed with my teeth, :) ).

biomaj5 said...

I've had an electric toothbrush for about 2 months now. Last night and this morning, my teeth hurt so badly that I couldn't use it and I had to use my spare manual brush. I've flossed every day (twice/day) since Saturday-does that count at all? ;)

I'll look into those flosser things-it is hard to get my fingers in my mouth to floss the back ones (which is where the cavities are that the dentist says can be fixed by flossing). Sigh. How long are they going to hurt? I've eaten once in 24 hours, and it was painful. I'm also worried about hurting the fillings lol. I'm a worrier.