Sunday, April 19, 2009

I may kill the skirt (not really)

Turns out the freaking chart is "unclear," according to the local knitting goddess who owns one of my favorite yarn stores. The pink squares that I thought were yarn overs (YOs) are not-they are nothing. They mean nothing; just space holders, according to the goddess. I am still questioning whether there is a YO at the beginning of the row, because it clearly looks like one in the pic. Also, (and this is a gem I discovered after 7 rows of the chart), the increases are not your garden variety M1 type. They are "lifted increases" (apparently popular with the European set), and I was totally doing them incorrectly. Therefore, I undid 3 days' worth of knitting and frogged the damn thing back to the garter stitch rows. My knitting goddess is going to confer with her knitting goddess, and they'll get back with me by the SnB on Wednesday night. I've been looking forward to making progress on the skirt, and now I have to entertain myself with something else. Gah. I have 2 pairs of socks on the needles, 1 in the queue, several sets of baby leggings to make, and no desire to knit anything besides the skirt. Awesome blossom.

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