Friday, April 24, 2009

Dentist appt, round 4

I went to the dentist again this morning. She did 4 fillings. The fun part came when my bottom teeth would not go numb. I ended up with a total of 5 shots of lidocaine. She actually made the comment, "but laura, you are not fat. You should not need this much." There you have it folks, I am not fat lol. My husband had a tooth pulled, and he did not need that much (and he weighs twice what I do).

Now to the not-as-great news: there's a good chance I'm going to need a root canal on one of the top back teeth. She put some kind of medicine on it to try to get it to be ok, but she's not confident that it will work. She also put medicine in one of the bottom ones, but she has more faith that the bottom one will be ok with just a filling. I go back next Friday afternoon; not sure if that will be the root canal day or not.

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