Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ravelympics: Day 8

Ok, here's the progress as of Friday night. I was thoroughly stuck in the black hole that was the armhole section of the back. No matter how many times I measured, it wasn't yet 8".
I'm hurrying to get this posted before midnight because I'm nearly done with day 9's progress lol. I'll post that (exciting) picture tomorrow.


DragonSpice said...

I hate that feeling! When I was working on my sweater I felt like that too (with the measuring). I can't wait to see pictures of how the front part is coming along :)

I really need to get to work on my scarf if I want a nice scarf length scarf lol. It's 2am, I need sleep :D DH is laughing at me.

Elaine said...

Looking good!

Rose-Marie said...

Your sweater is really beautiful!

I usually like the snow as well, but now it's becoming a bit too much :/