Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ravelympics: Day 11

After a minor snafu/issue/heart-stopping problem at the top of the left front, I finished it. I started the right front. Now, the right front gave me a little bit of trouble as well. You only knit part of the chart at the beginning, and then increase every other row until there are enough stitches. The pattern doesn't mention that you should start at the END of the chart, as in knitting the last 10 stitches of the chart first. I think I'm right. I hope so anyway-there's no time to fix it if I'm wrong.

On a (somewhat) hilarious side-note, I realized that I have been reading the charts incorrectly. Luckily, it only matters on the berry stitch section. The stitches are opposite, so that you K3tog on the first 3 stitches on one row and on the last 3 on the opposite row. I read every row right to left, rather than reading the even rows as left to right. Thankfully, the rows are opposites, so I'm just making a mirror image. That's why I could tell where I'd gone down to correct my error.

ETA: Scratch that. I'm not sure I read it wrong. Who knows. Whatevs. lol.

In order to finish on time, I've made a schedule. I'm not sure it's a realistic one, but in order to finish on time, I must adhere to it or do better.

Tues: Finish the right front, start the sleeves (knitting them 2 at a time)
Wed: Sleeves
Thurs: Sleeves/Ribbing
Fri: Ribbing
Sat/Sun: finishing, etc.

Thank god that my bosses will all be gone on Friday. Perhaps I can make up some ground then.

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DragonSpice said...

Good luck! I'm sure you can do it. You've done an amazing amount of knitting in such a short time :)