Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mystic light

Back in November or so, I started my Mystic Light Shawl. Shortly thereafter, I was distracted by holiday knitting and put the poor shawl down. I don't know why, but earlier this week the shawl was demanding to be knitted, so I picked it back up. I'm making fairly decent progress on it-I'm nearly finished with the first chart. Whatcha think?

I think I'm going to end up giving this to my mom as a late Christmas/early Mother's day present. She likes dark colors, so it is right up her alley. Lately, she's been getting cold easier, so hopefully this will help a little.

Not much else has progressed in the my little land of knitting. I've been knitting a row here and there on my green lace & cable socks.

1 comment:

DragonSpice said...

Ooooh, it's beautiful. I'm sure she'll love it!