Saturday, January 9, 2010

Olympics and other stuff

I've started a Ravelympics team called Team Sprout, and we already have 11 or so members! I'm trying to be a good captain by being informative and all that jazz. The whole point is to pick a project that is challenging to you, and that type of thing is different for every person. I'm really excited about the Ravelympics. I'm going to be a bit crazy here and try the blackberry cabled cardigan (photo from Rav):
I'm going to use Knitpicks Swish DK for this one because I just don't want to spend a ton of money. I'm going to do Stilwell with Jo Sharp (did I mention that I found out that the pattern will be available in April?), and that's going to be about $100 or so. Therefore, I'm going with the cheap stuff. I could go cheaper and use the Knitpicks Telemark yarn (100% peruvian wool), which would be a whole $30, but at $50 total, I'll splurge for the superwash Swish. I'm going to use the Garnet Heather colorway. See, I'm challenging myself. Just getting away from blue is a challenge for me.

I've started an entrelac scarf with my blue malabrigo worsted. If you remember, I originally used this yarn for my owls sweater, and it striped so oddly that I frogged the sweater in frustration. I think it does a much better job in entrelac. See?

Entrelac is not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. It's only a bunch of short rows and picking up stitches. Easy peasy.

I'm adding another resolution to my list. I need to learn to knit continental style. I am a thrower. Throwing is holding the yarn in your right hand, and continental is holding it the left hand. I tried to be all clever and start a dishcloth that had both knits and purls (and I used cotton yarn), but I ended up tying my fingers together. So, I went and grabbed some boring wool yarn from the stash and I've just been knitting along. I still haven't gotten my gauge standardized because I keep forgetting which way to hold the yarn. I'll get it eventually. I need to be able to knit both ways so that fair isle will be easier.


DragonSpice said...

That sweater is going to look great when you're done! I'm not much for red either, but that is a nice red color...Jewel tones are such nice deep colors :)

That variegated blue yarn looks great with that scarf :)

Good luck learning to knit in both directions. I think it would really come in handy. I think my grandma can do it because I've never seen her switch her needles around while she's working on something. My dad says she must, but does it so fast we can't see it lol.

Elaine said...

I love that sweater!

Charmaine said...

Love that cardigan too! So much so I added it to my queue!