Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First FO of 2010!

Meet Odessa (rav link)!

Man did she try to kick my butt. For such a cute little hat, you'd think it would be easy. There's nothing wrong with the pattern. I simply cannot judge how much yarn I have to work with. I had 1 full skein of Tempted Luxe grrl (cashmere!!!). I used a little more than half of it to make my Augusta fingerless gloves. Ever the enabler, Muriel (aka bffofwendy) assured me that I had enough yarn to make the hat. So, I cast on on Saturday. The pattern suggests you knit in pattern until 5.5" from the CO edge. I know I have a small head, so I knit 5.25" instead. I got 3 freaking decrease rows from the end and ran out of yarn. I tried to frog it back, but I didn't have the patience and frogged the whole thing instead. I CO again on Sunday, and this time I knitted for 4.75". See that little bit of yarn on the right side of the pic? That is all I have left.


DragonSpice said...

It looks great! I'm sorry it was such a PITA though.

Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

Well does it fit? At least you used ALL the yarn. Looks awesome.