Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh my

There is a magnificent thing this year in Portland, OR, in August called the sock summit (link). I really really want to go. How awesome would it be? I can't even imagine! Oh, how I want to go. I need to figure out if I'm brave enough to fly to Portland alone (DH literally LAUGHED at me when I told him I want to go and that the Yarn Harlot would be there). I wonder if I can get off of work, and if there will be any classes still open by the time I figure out if I can get off of work. Between my yarn coming in and the announcement of this Sock Summit, today has been magnificent!

The yarn is here!

My 3 skeins of Malabrigo Lace in Indigo blue have arrived!! I've been waiting all week for them. The yarn isn't nearly as thin as I thought it would be. I'm not nearly as apprehensive about making the skirt now.

Here's a beautiful beautiful pic:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Knitting AW PIPfest

As promised, here are some PIPs of my knitting projects:

There is the Cabled Toque (WTF is a toque, anyway? Why not say hat?) that I did at a knitting class. Its size 1-3 years, and all it needs is a button on the band to be totally finished.

The sock saga continues. #1 is finished, and I'm waiting until the sock class on Saturday to continue on the second one.

And, finally-the pic you've all been waiting for (or at least Gnome has been waiting). I've gotten about 2.5 repeats of the lace done. That hot pink thread in there is the life line.

I'm very excited

About making this:
with this:

The pattern is here and the yarn is here. I got the pics from those sites too. I'm excited and scared all at the same time! I had to have my wonderful aunt translate the pattern from German to English, and its a lace pattern and I knit with 3 strands of the malabrigo held together. If nothing else, this skirt will be a good knitting challenge and will help me become a better knitter (assuming it doesn't drive me crazy). :) I'm watching the mail for the package of yarn!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness

I've made a bracket for the first time ever, and am participating in a work march madness pool thingy. Right now, I'm tied for first! I'm not sure it'll last longer than today, but I'll bask in the glory of #1 while it lasts. I'm refreshing ESPN like crazy and watching the games like I'm never going to see tv again lol.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

AWing my scarf

Here's my very slow-moving lace column of leaves scarf. This is 1 repeat of the the lace pattern lol. I can't go any further until I stick a life-line in there as well as find some uninterrupted knitting time where I can concentrate.

Here's my elf sock

This is what happens when you don't follow the pattern. The pattern says: 

*Knit decrease round, then knit around twice*, from * to * 3 times.
Knit decrease round only until 24 stitches remain.

I knit the decrease round followed by 2 knit rounds until I had 24 stitches left lol. Now I get to tink until I get back to where I should have started decrease rounds only.

Gotta love OK

This week alone we have had tornado warnings, 80 degree weather, and freezing weather. It's snowing right now! I do love the weather here-it's never predictable!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I was going to post a witty humorous post on why it helps to read the pattern before you do the decreases on the toe part of socks, but I don't feel like it. I'm in a down mood again, and not only am I tired of TTC, I'm also tired of the fucking bad moods it puts me in. Not only am I still frustrated and angry about cycle 9, I wonder if a certain person realizes that it takes 2 to have a baby and that sex is usually required. Being tired really isn't an excuse anymore. But whatever. So thats all for tonight. I might take a break for a few days (or longer). I usually feel better after some sleep, so I'm headed to bed. I think I'll kick him "by accident" when I get there.

Oh, and when a pattern says to do a decrease row and then knit around twice 3 times, it doesn't mean do it until the end. You'll end up with elf socks if you do.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today's update du jour

I think I need to go to the dentist. I have one tooth that is pushed back, and I noticed today that the gum is really red above it. I think this has happened because I was in a conversation about dentists with some online friends, and therefore murphys law applies. If I hadn't mentioned my insane fear of dentists, my tooth would be fine. Since I'm mentioning it here, I'll probably need a root canal or it'll get pulled or something (it's a front tooth of course).

On to item 2: my vacation is 1step away from being un-takeawayable. My immediate boss signed the request; now just gotta wait for the dept head to put his john hancock on it. I don't know how or when I'll know if he's approved it, but at this point I'm not worried.

Item 3: I've started doing taebo. I'm not overweight, but I'm most certainly not in shape. What I think is hilarious is that I couldn't figure out why my abs didn't hurt afterwards on Sunday. Turns out I must not use them-they hurt after I jumped dh LOL. Anyway, I've managed to stick to an every other day schedule for the whole 3days since I started ( counting Sunday). Go me! I've tried exercising before, and it hasn't worked out yet. I like it so far, so hopefully I can find some motivation somewhere.

Item 4: I have razorburn on my legs, and it hurts.

Item 5: I'm about 3/4 of the way done with knitting a sock, but you get to wait for a pic.

Item 6: (this is six because I was going to use it as five, but couldn't remember what it was going to be, so I threw the sock tidbit in there instead). My tattoo needs to be touched up somewhere at the top of the ball and in the shadow below it. I took a knitting friend with me because she has wanted a knitting tattoo for a while but couldn't find anyone to go with her. Anywhoo, I think the tattoo artist is very hot, but I think he and the other tattoo people may be making fun of me when I'm not there. Oh well, I guess my tattoo isn't hardcore enough lol.

That's all I can think of right now. DH has the bedroom window open and I'm freezing to death. My thoughts are going to need some time to thaw out.

Monday, March 9, 2009

DH has jury duty

DH had to report for jury duty this morning. He didn't want to do it, but he decided he'd show up after I explained what "contempt of court" entails. I've been called 3 times: once in HS and twice in college. Its obvious why I couldn't go for the first one, and both college times happened to be during finals week. I'm sad because I probably exhausted my lifetime supply of potential jury duty and I'll never get called when I can actually do it. 

Anyway, I'll know by the end of the day if he's a juror. Oh, and the case is a murder trial. Yay.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I see a vacation in my future...

We are going on vacation in May. We're driving to PA to the town I lived in as a kid, among other fun things. I'm excited. :) 


I'm at work, and I'm bored out of my mind. I have 1 hr, 19 minutes left. AHHHHHHHHHH!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Today is a good day.

I'm having a good day at work, DH's 30th birthday is today (and therefore I get to call him old all day long), and we're going to a Thunder-Mavericks NBA game tonight. Woot. :)