Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday and (almost) knitiversary to me

My 26th birthday was on the 14th, and my 1 year knitiversary will be in November (I don't remember the exact date, so I just declare the whole month a holiday). Two of my great friends, Logan and Cody (blogerroo), sent me a combination birthday/knitiversary present.

Those awesome socks are the Summer Sliding socks (rav link) in my absolute favorite yarn Tempted Good Grrl. The yarn he sent me is Dye Dreams Twinkle Toes, a 50% merino/50% tencel blend sock yarn in the colorway Caribbean. He bought it at... wait for it.... RHINEBECK! I've totally got to go there some day.

A great big thank you goes to Logan and Cody! I love ya'll.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore those socks and I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!