Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whew! I survived camping with my in-laws

My DH is Native American (Choctaw tribe). Every year, we camp out with his family at the Choctaw Labor Day Festival, and this year was no different. Hanging out with the in-laws for 4 days can be a bit rough though, so I took 5 knitting projects with me. I am a relatively new knitter, and the only time they've seen me knit was at Christmas last year while I was trying to finish a scarf for my mom.

Before I even left, I decided that some new yarn was a great way to make the weekend better. So, after knitting at SWAK, I bought some brand new yarn. It is bright red, but my camera decided not to capture the true color. I'll have to try again. The yarn is Knitty Bits 2 Sock yarn, and I'm unsure of the colorway. It is likely destined to be Trilobite socks.

I finished Fred's Owlings mittens a few weeks ago, but I wanted to make sure she got them before I showed them off. She did managed to guess what I was making and therefore got to see them, but she didn't see the finished product complete with seedbead eyes until she opened the box today.

I gave up on trying to finish the diamond gansey socks before the KAL for August ended. I actually could have finished them in time if I hadn't forgotten about them for a week or so while I was distracted by other pretty projects. DH specifically requested ankle socks, so while I don't think it is very attractive for this pattern, I only put 1 pattern repeat on the leg before starting the ribbing. I have one sock finished, but I don't have a picture of it yet. Here is a progress pic from this weekend (I had Wendyknits' book Socks from the Toe-Up spiral bound at Kinkos to make using it easier):

All in all, it was a good weekend. My main fear was being taken advantage of and being used as a babysitter, but I only had to keep the 1 month old nephew alive for 5 minutes while one of DH's nieces took two more kids to the bathroom. I am happy to report that I even touched the kid's arm and nothing bad happened lol. That is progress.

My favorite comment from his family regarding my knitting came from my FIL: "Are you still doing that?" My reply was a faux-cheerful, "Yes."

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DragonSpice said...

Glad to hear you survived :D Your knitting projects look great! I hope you managed to have some fun while camping.