Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lesson learned

I would like to share a lesson I learned yesterday. I use an iPhone app for a project row counter, and it currently has 7 projects listed. I took my diamond gansey socks to the LYS last night. I opened the project counter for the socks, and started knitting. My counter said I should start on row 6. I noticed that the diamonds didn't look quite right, but I was experiencing an awesome sugar high and didn't think anything of it (a mtn dew and a jelly-filled donut, if you're wondering).

Finally, I admit that something is wrong. Diamonds don't normally have 6 points. I had copied the chart for the socks into excel so that I didn't have to carry the book around, and I figured that I simply copied the chart incorrectly and that I am incapable of reading said chart. After knitting 2 rows, I carefully frogged the pattern rows back to the beginning (that's about 7 rows), only to realize that I had opened the project for Fred's surprise project instead of the diamond gansey project. I started knitting row 6 when I should have been knitting row 8.

Lesson: If you're going to use technology to make knitting easier, at least make sure you open the right project or you'll get to do unnecessary frogging.

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