Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knit with care

Trilobite socks: frogged. Lace Leaf scarf: frogged. Owls sweater: frogged about 30 rows. All within 24 hours. Do you see a trend here? 2 were intentional, the owls frogging was not. Well, it was, but the mistake that prompted the frogging was not. I apparently cannot distinguish the difference between marker A and marker B, and had done several decrease rows at the wrong marker.

But back to the frogging. It makes me scared to knit on anything I like. I want to make some serious progress on my Girasole, but a frogging there would be catastrophic (and would likely be a tinking just because I'm scared to partially frog lace). Hopefully this theme to my knitting will end soon.

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DragonSpice said...

I hope you don't have to frog anything else. I'm totally unashamed to admit that is the reason I like crocheting...I can easily undo and redo a few stitches or a few rows.