Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

I'm one of those dorks who likes to document historical events. I'll be rushing out to buy the newspaper in the morning if it says "____ Wins!" just so I can add it to my collection of newspapers. I have the papers from the last 2 elections, 9/11, the start of the war in Afghanistan, the capture of Saddam, etc. I guess this blog is my newest way to document the historical events of my life, so I'm going to write a bit about the election. Here goes nothing.

I had it all planned out that I would vote this afternoon so that I could leave work at 3pm. OK has a law that you are guaranteed 2 paid hours to vote. For some reason, Mike had to wake up when I temped at 7am and decided to go vote, so I tagged along. We were only in line for about an hour. I had to explain to Mike how to vote because this was his first time. I was amazed that the little old ladies manning the voting station didn't bother to check my ID (I thought that was illegal?). For the record, I'm a Republican who voted for Obama.

Fast forward to the fun part: the night-time election coverage. This is the time when they decide to "call" states for a candidate when there are 0% of the precincts reporting. Its very frustrating! It looks like Obama is going to win, although its not over until the fat lady sings lol. I'll edit this post later on with further info. :)

Edit: 10:30pm CST. Obama is the next President! I'm headed to bed now lol.

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