Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DFW Fiber Fest

Last weekend was my 6th year to attend the DFW Fiber Fest with 2 of my friends. We had a fantastic time, as always! The Yarn Harlot was the Friday night speaker, but unfortunately we didn't buy tickets because everyone's budgets were a little tight this year (hello, new road bike. lol.) This is what I came home with:

The skein on the left is Western Sky Knits Magnolia Luxe, in the London colorway. It's a fantastically soft merino/cashmere/silk blend. The other full skein is Gynx Yarn Power Sock, in the Maverick colorway. That yarn is just so beautiful. I went by her booth 2x before I bought it, and I stood there petting the skein for a good 5 mins each time. Those 2 little mini skeins are some kind of superwash merino blend-I bought them for the sock yarn blanket that I'll finish roughly around 2050. I also bought that adorable little project bag (I can't remember the shop name... The tag does have Erin something on it, though). I also bought the little scissors because the guy at the booth offered us free candy and I felt obligated to buy something. They work pretty well on yarn, and are scarily sharp.

As for current projects, I decided that I needed a sweater for interpreting. I'm in an ASL interpreter program, and we have to wear dark solid tops when interpreting. I had some leftover yarn from mom's Argonath, so I started a Pull Me Over. So far, it's going quite well. I'm almost done with the waist increases, and then I don't think that there is much left after that. I'm going to do cap sleeves.

I also decided to start a pair of socks for a friend. I started the Stitch Surfer socks because I think the construction is cute. So far, it's going well. I tried to start them on dpns, but I had to switch to 4 needles way too early, so I started over with 2 circs. (My body/mind has rejected magic loop. I.Just.Can't.Do.It.) So far, so good. I think they'll be very pretty. I'm going to try to make mirror-image socks.


Dragon said...

I'm so glad you had a good time! I'm sorry you weren't able to see the Yarn Harlot though...maybe next year?

I just love the project bag and the scissors! I couldn't really see them on my stupid little phone. The yarns look even more wonderful in a big picture :)

Your sweater looks gorgeous so far! I can't wait to see it once it's done. You are so good at making clothing items! Mine never turn out right.

Those socks look fantastic! How fun! The colors you chose are going to look great with that pattern :D

I had to laugh a little when I saw your notebook with the Marauder's Map on it in the background of that picture, btw :) That is an awesome notebook! I'm a little jealous lol.

biomaj5 said...

Lol. She only come to Texas every 3-4 years, maybe? I doubt that she'll be back to the fiber fest for a while. I think the last time she was there was in 2009; I met her then, and there's a blog post in there somewhere if you wanted to search for it.

The "notebook" is actually my ipad case. I got it from https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaseEnvy.

Dragon said...

Ooooh :( I think I remember when you saw her last time...didn't you show her your tattoo? Or was that someone else?

Ah, ipad case! That makes it even cooler! I'm tempted to look to see if they make them for Kindles lol! :D