Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The FO happydance

I have an FO! I have an FO! My last one was March 1. Seriously. MARCH 1, 2011. That's over 3 months ago. Anyway, I finished my Interrupting Cow socks on Sunday. Aren't they cute?

The yarn is Shibuiknits sock in Spectrum. I love this pattern! Laura of The Knitgirllls designed it. It was super easy and well-written. I would say it's easy to memorize, but I'm all about reading the pattern so I don't have to think. But it would be easy if that's your thing.

I started these socks out of frustration from the stress of knitting for other people. I just wanted something for me. So they have officially been christened my happy socks and will be worn when my mood needs improvement. I expect they'll get a lot of wear lol.

In other random news, there is a minor event coming up this week. I'm not very excited about it or looking forward to it like whoa or anything. THIS WEEK IS ESTES! I'M SO EXCITED! (Yes, if you were in front of me right now, I would have yelled that at you and probably jumped up and down in excitement while clapping as well.) Gnome and her DH will arrive at my house around 9pm tomorrow night and we will leave at 4am-ish on Thursday. Since DH is an EMT and normally gets up around 4:30 for work, he gets to drive first. We'll drive alllllll day Thursday and eat dinner at Gnome's aunt's cabin that night. Friday will be devoted to relaxation and we are going on the ghost tour at the Stanley Hotel (I <3 Stephen King) on Friday afternoon. We'll hit the Estes Park Wool Market all day on Saturday and then drive home on Sunday. ::happydance::

I've been planning my car knitting for over a week now. I'm going to knit the Aargh! gyle Socks from knitpicks (rav link). Here is a photo that I ganked from Ravelry so my non-rav friends can see it:

Some of my lifegroup friends find my knitting obsession (and tattoo) a tad bit amusing. I mean, how can you not see a girl with a knitting tattoo and immediately think she's clearly hardcore and shouldn't be messed with? Right?! Well, they didn't get that memo and find it amusing instead. So I am knitting these hardcore superbad skull socks to prove how hardcore I am (let's see how many times I can fit hardcore into a sentence, shall we? I really should look for a synonym to use instead.) I'm going to use Tempted Good Grrl Into the Blue for the CC and Stacy dyed a lovely black for me for the background color. It should come in the mail today. ::fingers crossed::

Rawr.  \m/

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