Saturday, May 14, 2011

Destressifying my knitting

Is destressifying a word? No? Well, now it is. I'm really bad about getting bogged down by promising to knit things for other people. I just can't say no. Add that trend to my serious startitis problem, and my knitting starts to stress me out. Over the past month, I was supposed to knit a pair of socks for a friend, a baby hat for another friend's new grandson, and I needed to knit something for Mother's Day. Add on the Austin Hoodie, Lady Bertram, and my long-neglected Geodesic cardi, and I end up getting frustrated just by the mere thought of knitting anything. So I had to put a stop to it. I told my friend that I can't knit socks for her right now, pretended that I can't see that skein of shibuiknits sock in Anime that is waiting to become the hat (bad I know), and got Mom a rose for Mother's Day. My Lady Bertram is in time out because I don't feel like looking for whatever error is screwing up the next row of lace, and my Austin Hoodie is hiding in its bag and will stay there until I feel like knitting a sleeve. To top it off, I CO a pair of socks just for me.

I've wanted to do the Interrupting Cow socks for a while. They almost require a bright yarn, and I have some Shibuiknits sock in Spectrum, so I bought the pattern. Voila! The first sock is almost done; all it needs is the bindoff.

It is so hard to capture the yarn color in a digital pic (I almost said "on film"-I haven't used film for years! Oops.) It's a combo of a very bright red, blue, pink, orange, and green. I honestly don't know if the socks are going to fit. They should be good lengthwise, but I can't get my heel through the leg of the sock because of the dpns. I guess I'll find out when I get around to binding off, right? lol.

We are officially 25.74 days away from leaving for the Estes Park Wool Market (thank you, Countdown app, for being so specific). Gas is thisclose to $4/gallon here, but we're still going to drive. My car gets good gas mileage, so thankfully it won't cost more than $250 total in gas (split between Gnome and myself). We're going to stay in Gnome's Aunt's cabin and have plans to do the Ghost Tour at the Stanely Hotel (hold me!). It should be a fantastic weekend! I can't wait. I am going to see Skillet at Rocklahoma on May 27, so I have something else fantastic to look forward to in the time between now and Estes. Yay summer!

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