Sunday, November 21, 2010


I'm not sure if it counts as an -apalooza if I only finished one item, but I think this deserves a little fanfare. I finally (FINALLY!) finished my Central Park Hoodie. I started it in December 2008. For the last year or so, all it has lacked is seaming on the sleeves. I never worked on it because I hate the yarn (Berroco Comfort, if you're curious), and therefore I was determined to hate the sweater. Yesterday, I decided I was sick of seeing it in the sidebar of this blog, and pulled it out to finish it. Finally, almost 2 years after I started it (I blame the yarn choice on the fact that I was a new knitter), here is my CPH:


In other news, I finished the first Endpaper mitt. It's right purdy.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Allie said...

WOW! It looks fabulous!!!!
Congratulations ;)

adoptionoption said...

Yay!!!! i have always loved that hoodie and i'm glad it's finished now. And the mitts rock!

muddblood21 said...

i saw it in person! very cute! :)