Friday, November 12, 2010


I finally got brave enough to try fair-isle (for any non-knitters, that's a type of colorwork, definition here). At first I was ambitious and wanted to make Edith the hat (rav link). However, I didn't trust my skills enough to keep from messing it up. So I decided to make the Endpaper mitts. I had initially decided to use white and a pale semi-variagated blue yarn, but then I discovered some wonderful Tempted Good Grrl in my stash. After I found that, I remembered that I still had yellow yarn left over from the duck feet booties that I made for Dragon. They were a match made in heaven. I ordered more of the yellow though, just in case.

I did a minimal amount of research on the Stranded board on Ravelry (dominant colors, anyone?) and cast on on Wednesday. OMG. I am in love with colorwork! I can't stop knitting it! I actually got up over an hour early this morning just so I could knit on the first mitten. Here's my progress as of this morning:

Yarn: Shibuiknits Sock in Finch and Tempted Good Grrl in Into the Blue.
Pattern: Endpaper mitts (see link above)
Size: Small

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DragonSpice said...

Wow! That looks amazing!