Thursday, December 31, 2009

La digitessa

I wanted to knit a sock pattern that would both challenge me and wow non-knitters (can you blame me?), so I picked La digitessa by Yarnissima. I started it Christmas Eve Eve, and I'm mostly done with the first sock.The traveling stitches make a pretty wave pattern. The yarn is Tempted Good Grrl in Foliage, and I had a hard time photographing the exact color. The first picture is closest.

I also decided to add on to my stash storage, since the yarn was spilling out in the floor. I'm going to add another cube where the wedding pic is soon.

I'm writing a post about my knitting resolutions list, so that's why this one is so brief. Happy New Year!


DragonSpice said...

Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous! The color goes really well with that pattern.

One of these days I should learn how to knit socks, but I know I could never do it as well as you do.

biomaj5 said...

That's ridiculous! All it takes is some time to learn, and I am by no means a great sock knitter! Try out a simple pattern, and you'll find that it is easier than it looks.