Friday, November 6, 2009

Moving right along

Here's the progress so far on my stacy shawl. I've just started chart C. I'd like to think that I'm halfway done, but since each row is longer than the last one, I'm fairly certain I'm only 1/3 done. I had to switch over to a 47" cable just to stretch it out enough to be able to photograph it nicely.
Here's a closeup of the pattern:
I can barely believe that November has already arrived. Last night I realized that my owls sweater for the cabled sweater KAL is due on Thanksgiving, and I am totally guilty of neglecting it for any pretty new distraction to come along. I keep thinking of Christmas presents for everyone, but I'm beginning to realize that I cannot make everything I want in time. I should have started a long time ago I think.

PSA: My stacy shawl has been christened "Stan."


Logan said...

Beautiful, as always :)

biomaj5 said...

thank you sir

Aesox said...

That's a verrah nice shawl there! :D

DragonSpice said...

That looks fantastic! I'm insanely envious of your ability to knit lol.