Sunday, November 22, 2009

I have a new MO for holiday knitting

Remember that pic I posted yesterday of the sock? I just finished it. FINISHED.IT. Holy crap, that's a personal record for sure. I watched 3.5 MASH DVDs this weekend, and knit like the wind. I have decided that I will be doing all of my holiday knitting to a MASH soundtrack, effective immediately.

Please forgive the crappy iPhone pic. I'm too lazy to get out the ol' digital cam. I gotta go CO the second sock-it would be a shame to fall victim to second sock syndrome after setting a new record lol.


DragonSpice said...

Holy crap I can't believe you finished that already!!! It looks great :) Good luck with the second sock!

biomaj5 said...

lol, I can't believe it. DH wasn't nearly as impressed as he should have been either.