Monday, June 18, 2012

I finished the color affection

I finally finished my color affection shawl. I can't believe that it took me 3 months to complete! That just shows how much my free time has diminished.



A coworker's mother was diagnosed with aggressive Stage IV breast cancer back in March. As soon as I heard, I wanted to make her something. I wanted to make something different-a lot of people make chemo caps, and those are greatly needed. But I wanted to make her a shawl. Her favorite colors are purple and green. Because of the garter stitch, I felt that this shawl would mesh well with my current schedule (meaning I could multitask and watch tv or read while knitting it). I finally finished it last week. My coworker said her mom loved the shawl, and that it is perfect because she gets cold a lot. It made me really happy that this shawl is comforting her in what must be a very very difficult time.

The stats:
Grey-Madtosh tosh sock in Tern
Green-Madtosh tosh sock in Green with Envy
Purple-Tempted Good Grrl in Deviant Behavior

Needle: US 6 circs

Pattern: Color Affection

I'm also (slowly) knitting some baby leggs for our pregnant secretary. She's already gone on maternity leave due to preterm labor, but I'm going to mail them to her when I finish.

I also got the last Tempted Burlesque Club yarn shipment. I love it! It's Luxe Grrl.

I don't know what I'm going to do with it, besides petting it fondly.


Dragon said...

I knew she'd love the shawl! It's so beautiful, and I bet it's really soft and warm.
The baby leggs look awesome :D
I'm sure you'll find something to do with your awesome new yarn!

Maggi said...

Crazy question, but do you have any of the Green with Envy leftover tht I could buy? Starting WestKnits mystery shawl KAL with my skein and fear I may run short --