Monday, July 4, 2011

What was that? I couldn't hear you.

Sidenote: I'm 4'11". Having been bombarded with short jokes for my entire life, I consider myself to be something of an expert in the field. After I typed the title of this post, that cute little sarcastic voice in my head was kind enough to auto-fill with "Well of course you can't hear. You're so far down there." Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. Probably.

I went to a freaking awesome Fireflight concert last night in Broken Arrow with some of my friends from my lifegroup (lifegroups are small groups of people who go to btw). Anywhoo, we were about 4 rows back from the front of the stage. My ears still hurt (although my hearing has been a bit muffled in the left ear and the ear hurts ever since the dentist took out my wisdom tooth last Saturday and practically killed me in the process). Fireflight is a fantastically awesome Christian rock band from Florida. So this was my view:

Ok, so my hands were over my head so I could get a pic. My actual view was a little lower. Use your imagination.

We got home somewhere around 2am, and I went to bed around 3am. My left ear still hurts, but the right has decided to forgive me for abusing it. Luckily, I've conditioned it to like loud music by wearing headphones at work all.the.time, so it was only mad for a little while. The left ear is a whiny gimp and sounds are still muffled through it.

I'm in an incredibly random and sarcastic mood, and have been for at least 3 days now. I apologize and I hope it isn't contagious (unless you'd like to be random as well salad).

I've been making some incredibly awesome skull socks. I just finished the heel on the first sock on Wednesday. Isn't it beautiful?

I have this little problem when it comes to knitting. I don't really care to check my gauge. I figure that I've knitted enough socks and I've used Tempted yarn enough to know that US2 will get me the gauge I want. Most times, it all works fine and dandy, but statistics (and common sense, but I was so darn excited to start them...) will tell you that eventually my defiance of gauge checking will come back to haunt me. See that pretty sock in the pic? It wouldn't fit over my heel. So, as a good pirate should, I gave it a quick death and disposed of the remains in a respectful fashion. I tried to make it a quick and painless death. Here is our lovely sock in the midst of the initial death throes:

Here are the remains, awaiting a proper rewinding:

It used less yarn than I thought it did to knit half of a fair-isle sock. Good to know. Finally, I learned that there are unintended uses for medicine bottles (yay for post-wisdom tooth extraction from hell pain meds):

So what have I learned from this? Fair-isle socks should be bigger than you think they need to be and medicine bottles make good yarn holders in a pinch.

The tenacious pirate spirit of the sock lives on though. It has been reincarnated into sock 1B:

This time I'm using US3 (although I did the cuff in US2-that part fit last time, so why change what works?). This time I'll check the gauge after about 10 rows.

Happy 4th of July! Be careful! Please talk loudly if you see me in person. Oh wait. I don't really like loud noises. Hmmm. Maybe write a note instead. Thanks.

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