Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 down, 2011 to go.

Holy crap, 2010 is almost over. Overall, it was a pretty good year, despite the whole grad-school-isn't-taking-students thing. My tendency to avoid odd numbers has me a little skeptical about the potential quality of 2011, but we'll see. I graduated college both times in odd years; if I get into grad school this time, I will graduate in 2013. Perhaps that's a sign.

But I digress. I suppose I need to make new knitting resolutions for 2011. I did pretty well on the 2010 set. I finished 4 of 6:

1. Knit a fair isle pattern
2. Design my own pattern
3. Knit something error-free
4. Complete a sweater
5. Finish something entrelac
6. Learn to knit continental style

As for #5, I tried entrelac and hated it. There was never a chance that I'd finish the scarf I started. #6 happened briefly-I started a garter stitch swatch that ended up being about 6" wide by 4" tall, but I was distracted by something shinier coming along.

I have no idea what to do this year. I'm setting a goal of 22 FOs this year, but other than that there isn't really anything that I feel a burning desire to accomplish. I guess I'll just let my FO goal stand as my resolution/goal for the year. Do you have any knitting resolutions?


muddblood21 said...

I plan to knit something in the round and perhaps try an intimidating shawl? Shawls scare me for some reason. I figure, if i can take an xray, I can knit one though lol.

biomaj5 said...

I'm making a knitting resolution to convince you to get over this stupid fear of knitting! It isn't hard, and it isn't life or death. If you mess up, the world does not end (unless you're on a deadline, but that's another story).

You can do it! Don't make me lock you in a room until you try (and succeed).