Saturday, June 19, 2010

Geodesic cardi, new yarn, and a tease

I'm knitting the Geodesic cardigan (Rav KAL link), and it is very slow going. We started the KAL on June 1, and I just started the waist decreases. (BTW, if you're reading this and want to join the KAL-please do!)

I cannot for the life of me get a decent picture of the yarn. It is a much deeper, more vibrant purple than what the picture shows. Grrr. It's tempted yarn, so you know that it's right purdy.

I won some yarn for my Labyrinth socks from the May 2010 Wendyknits KAL. It is Lisa Souza Handtwist Petite sock yarn. I'll be honest-I'm not in love with the color. However, it was free, and I'll hang on to it for a bit to see if a suitable pattern comes up for it.

I also received my 2nd shipment of the Tempted @ 3am sock club, but I won't post a pic for another week or so. I don't want to ruin anyone's surprise.

I like to post teasers when I knit stuff for friends who read my blog. I'm not sure if she'll be able to read it because she's somewhat distracted by a newborn, but I'll throw the tease out anyway.

If you know what it is, don't tell!


Jennifer said...

I loved every minute of knitting with Lisa Souza's yarn.... Hope you do what I did and fall madly in love while you are working with it! :-)

DragonSpice said...

Aww you're so mean lol :D It's a good teaser though. I can see enough to say that I like the yarn, but I have no idea what it is.

The purple looks really pretty. I know how hard it is to get a good picture of the color of things. Good luck with your cardigan!

It's kind of hard to see the color of the yarn you got for free. It looks like it might be kind of a light blue, gray, or maybe even green at the bottom and the top of it looks kind of like confetti cake lol :) I hope you find a pattern you like for it. It may look really cool once you start working with it.